Friday, May 23, 2014

Editor Interview with Melissa Andriana McKay

I’m Melissa Andriana McKay, owner of Andriana Editing. I’ve always been a reader, rarely without a book nearby, but had never considered editing until a friend suggested it and suddenly I found a career to be passionate about. I’m a major grammar nerd and delight in finding typos on signs around town (most recently at Wal-Mart: “If you park your vehicle and the leave the propert at any time, you will be ticketed and/or towed away at owners risk and expense”).

What type of stories do you most enjoy editing?
I enjoy editing sci-fi / adventure books because it is one of my favourite genres to read so, when editing in this genre, it often takes the “work” out of working.

What other books have you edited?
I’ve also edited YA and romance books, including Young Annabelle, Always Wanted, The Last, and Ghost God. On top of novels, I edit academic papers (including Master’s and PhD theses), business plans, website content, and any other type of text that needs to be polished.

Do you work for a company or are you a freelance editor?
I’ve been a freelance editor since 2008.

Are your rates affordable for indie authors?
I charge $3/pg for full-service editing with rush services available at an additional cost. To some this may seem high, but to others it seems like a bargain; it all depends on how much you plan to invest in making your manuscript into a masterpiece. Some editors out there charge mere pennies per page and promise super-quick turnaround times, but I want to put as much love and care into the editing as you put into the writing.

How did you decide your pricing?
I spent a long time skulking about on other editors’ websites to see what they charged and what they offered. As I edged into the industry, I threw out some tentacles to determine what rate felt right to both myself and my clients.

What things should a writer have done before contacting an editor?
Please, please, please read your work at least once (if not several times) before going to an editor. This will save you money and the editor time.

How do you feel about serial commas, and why?
I am a definite advocate of serial commas because it makes writing so much clearer. For example, “I went to the store with my two friends, a teacher and a doctor.” Did you go to the store with four people? Or are you explaining that one of your friends is a teacher and the other is a doctor?

When you’re not editing what do you like to do?
I love to travel, and I’m an avid knitter. Anyone need a scarf?

Melissa McKay | Andriana Editing

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