Friday, May 2, 2014

Editor Interview with Kaelie Foy

Hello!!! My name is Kaelie and I just recently got my foot in the door of the editing world. Editing is something that I have always done when reading a book or story. At a younger age, I had no idea editing could be a hobby, let alone a career! My cousin is an aspiring author and she is who introduced me to this industry. This is something that we both enjoy and we have decided to go into business together; she the writer, I the editor. Although I am her editor, I am still trying to get myself out there for more experience and for the times that she doesn't have a story for me. I am beside myself with excitement for what this current hobby could do for my future career!! :) Anything else you would like to know please don't hesitate to ask. This is all new to me so any advice or anything is welcome!!!

What type of stories do you most enjoy editing?
I honestly don't mind editing whatever is thrown at me but if I had to choose I guess I would pick something with an unexpected ending.

What other books have you edited?
The only story I have edited so far is a short story that my cousin wrote. I don't know what I loved more, the editing or the story!!!!

Do you work for a company or are you a freelance editor?
Well I am a freelance editor but I just recently got accepted by The Oddville Press as one of their editors. As well as being my cousin's editor and hopefully yours too!

What is the best book you’ve read/edited this year?
The best book I have read this year is probably The Notebook. I am a sucker for romance. :)

How do you decide your pricing?
So far I have not been paid for my editing but if someone chose me to edit their piece it would depend on how long the story was. The author and I would come to an agreement since I do not have a set price.

What are some of the typical mistakes you see writers make?

They rush their writing in order to get all of their ideas out and finish the story. If an editor gets a story that has been rushed, the editor might not understand what the writer was trying to get the reader to feel or understand and by fixing the story to make it flow, the story may lose what made it unique in the first place. OH and always get a sample edit from the editor because if you hire them and pay them but they do not do what you hired them for then it can be a real mess!

What things should a writer have done before contacting an editor?
They should definitely do their research on pricing so they know who to look for. If the writer is unfamiliar or new to this just like I am, they may not know if they are getting a fair deal. Also, the writer should read the story over just to make sure that it is how they want. The little errors and what not can be saved for the editor.

When you’re not editing what do you like to do?
I love to hang out with my man, my animals and kick back at home. I also enjoy parties, get togethers and spending time with friends and family. Anything that involves laughing and fun times has me written all over it!!!

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