Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Seeking Editors to Interview

Phantom Owl is currently seeking editors interested in being interviewed. If you are an editor interested in talking about your craft and possibly gaining a few new clients, please pick 8-10 of the following questions to answer. E-mail your answers to PhantomOwlPress@gmail.com with a short bio, photo, and links to any social networking sites you'd like to include. We may respond with follow up questions and will let you know when your interview will be posted on the Phantom Owl Blog.


What type of stories do you most enjoy editing?

What other books have you edited?

Do you work for a company or are you a freelance editor?

What book are you most proud of having edited?

What is the best book you’ve read/edited this year?

What does your editing process look like from start to finish?

Are your rates affordable for indie authors?

How do you decide your pricing?

What do you charge?

What are some of the typical mistakes you see writers make?

What are some things you think writers should look for/be wary of when hiring an editor?

What things should a writer have done before contacting an editor?

What should a writer expect (or not expect) out of an editor?

Do you have any advice for new writers?

What is the difference between developmental, substantive and copy editing?

What do you think makes a good editor?

What style guide do you use, and why?

How do you feel about serial commas, and why?

What annoys you most about the current publishing industry?

When you’re not editing what do you like to do?

Again, please pick 8-10 of the questions above and e-mail us at PhantomOwlPress@gmail.com

Sincerely the Phantom Owl team.

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